How to Bake a Cookie

Equipment: Sun, Sand, Surf, Towel, Bikini

Ingredients: Cookie, Seasonings, Oil

Set temperature to 85 degrees F.

Rub Cookie with oil and seasonings to taste. For best results, marinate Cookie in oil and seasonings for 15-30 minutes before placing in sun.

Place towel on warm sand two feet above hide tide line at approximately 33.0478 degrees N, 117.2979 degrees W.

Bake on towel in sun for ten minutes on each side.

Brine Cookie in surf for 30 minutes until cold then return to towel.

Place Cookie in sun until dry. Baste with oil & seasonings. Repeat process until Cookie is golden-brown and delicious.

For best results, baste Cookie every hour or every time you brine. Process may need to be repeated for several days before browning occurs.

If Cookie burns, remove from sun and rub with aloe.