Desiree Ducharme is a writer. She has been employed as a customer service professional in the fields of education, tourism, and retail. Throughout her professional career she spent her time imagining other places and maybe how to get away with murder while managing other peoples expectations of reality. Her writing was restricted to the business-casual word-salads that lurk unconsumed in the email in-boxes of retail employees. She currently spends her days pondering pleasant and unpleasant nonsense then writing it down with reckless disregard for responsibility or tone. She is moderately successful at managing her own expectations. Her writing is mostly fiction that she dreams will be shelved in the Blue and Gold rooms of Powell’s City of Books and bookshelves across the globe, including yours.

In truth, she has no idea what’s happening here but she’s having a good time and hopes you will join her.

The website

Welcome to my world. (This is what it looks like.) I’ve been hoarding stories for many years, dreaming of a time, or a space of time, during which I will organize them into my own. Good news! It’s 2020. (wah, wha) I’ve spent the last few months sequencing words and organizing chaos. I present it to you, here, for your enjoyment. No story is complete without a reader. Without you, I’m just another unemployed, horde-less dragon. Speaking of dragons…

This world is inhabited by the fantastic, the fictional, and the casually vague reflections of lives I’ve attempted. I write a lot about creatures you may find familiar, like faeries, witches, intelligent shadows, and human children. I enjoy words and wordplay and playing with words. I like rearranging them into various sequences and observing the outcome.

Puns make me snort laugh. As such, you may not like everything you read. This is not a safe space for the pun-phobic. My dad and I powered through a full four hours of dam jokes when we visited the Bonneville Dam in 2014. I still giggle about it. That will tell you all you need to know about my sense of humor and the level of sainthood awaiting my mother.

This site will feature micro-fiction (under 1000 words) and what I am told is possibly poetry. I hope to include short stories or longer excerpts from larger projects twice a month and weekend updates for all my horde-less dragons. I’m working on two genre projects that could be novels and a collection of stories based loosely on my own adventures. I am excited to be included Deep Overstock Issue #10 which is available now at deepoverstock.com

My story is unfinished. My work is ongoing. You are a vital part of that.

Welcome. Mind the chaos.